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Odd W.E. Candlestick

Started by wds, November 26, 2014, 10:27:08 AM

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I've been watching this candlestick for several days, and have tried to figure out why the stem is different from the standard WE candlestick.   The bell box is market UT, and the dial is GPO, so I'm guessing this phone is out of Argentina?  Does anyone recognize the stem on this phone? 

Kenton K


It looks like a regular manual WE candlestick that had a dial slapped on it.
Christian Petterson

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Could it be a ring for an pencil holder or something?  Look at those transmitter screws.  They are large and crooked.  Even if it isn't a Frankenphone it appears to have been subjected to a ham-handed restoration.
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
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For what it's worth this same seller had a metal 302 listed for sale...
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I was referring to the ring just below the receiver arm.  It looks like it's a part of the stem, not an add on.  I thought it might be something WE did to it's phones for UT?  You're right about the transmitter screws - I hadn't even noticed them.