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Western Electric BS-4100 Patriotic Candlestick phone c.1973

Started by Babybearjs, February 06, 2015, 12:33:03 AM

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enclosed are some photos of the first candlestick I've ever owned.... awesome telephone.... got it on Ebay for a great price and was able to get it cleaned up and wired correctly. see notes on schematic....

Russ Kirk

I have the same phone NIB.  These novelty phones are slowly growing on me.  Sometimes I think these novelty phones may be the collectables of the future.
- Russ Kirk



I partially agree. 

I really like some of the 1970s phones, like the Design line, ATC/Deco-tel, TeleConcepts and TeleQuest sets, as they add a lot of color and visual interest to a collection.

I haven't embraced the full range of novelty sets (yet), although know several collectors who do -- and enjoy looking at their collections.  One fellow always had a double table piled high at the past Hartford-area shows.  I do have a few odd-balls that struck my fancy.

John,  It appears the transmitter faceplate may have been replaced on your set.  I believe they were supplied in white with a red mouthpiece -- although the parts are obviously interchangeable, so other combinations are certainly possible.

BS-4100 is the ATC/Deco-tel part number.  The Western number for the "Stars and Stripes" was 881C108.
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line


Russ Kirk


Eww!  Yes, I agree on those awful phones!
Now I have to hose out my head to forget about that torso phone.....that's just sick!

I was thinking more Neon, Little Sprout, Cable Car or Ziggy.............

Still looking for the Glow phone on ebay....
- Russ Kirk


its funny how many different styles they had in this model.  I was amazed at how easy it was to rewire the phone.  even though it is a reproduction, I love it....