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tri-state candlestick telephone

Started by mark9564, January 08, 2015, 02:11:28 PM

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just picked this up today can anybody give me any info on it?


Very nice candlestick.  It's an automatic electric, but I can't remember who Tri-State is.  One just like this one sold on Ebay a couple days ago for $321. 


Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
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Quote from: mark9564 on January 08, 2015, 02:11:28 PM
just picked this up today can anybody give me any info on it?

Wow, a car phone ;D Nice :)


Here is a better picture. So is this an Automatic electric co. Phone?

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Yes, it's called a step base because of the way the base is shaped with those "steps".  Sometimes the receiver arm will have the letter "A" where the round opening is.  Look at the picture I posted above.  Appears to be in really good shape - most of these have rust on them because they are made of steel, not brass like most of the candlesticks.  I wish I could remember who Tr-State is.  I think it's a phone company, just can't remember where.


Tri-State Telephone was a Bell System company in Colorado, WY, and another state, perhaps Utah, that was merged into Mountain Bell (or whatever it was called then) in the late teens or twenties.
VERY nice old stick.

PS: I think I got the states wrong.  there is a reference somewhere, I'll find it.

PS: I have this document that I found when looking for the history of Sunset Telephone of S.Cal a few months ago.

It discusses the Tri-State, apparently founded in Colorado, but operating into NM and TX.

This candlestick is from the mid to late teens I'd say, based on the dial, but apparently younger than the type that sold on eBay recently, which still had the (A) in the circle of the switchhook. However, that one had a number plate that is clearly older because it already had the Blauvelt dialplate with letters.