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Candlestick photo

Started by Phonesrfun, September 03, 2009, 12:09:47 AM

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In the thread on the GPO candlestick problem started by Dan, Stephen Furley asked about sticks, and how many we have that work.  All mine are Western Electric.  I have 5 at home and one at work.  Here are the 5 at home.  Only one is currently hooked to a subset as you can see, but they all will work when hooked to the proper subset, as will the one I have at work.

For what it's worth....

-Bill G


Wow!!  What a great collection!  I don't have anything like these. 


Thank you, McHeath.  The one I have at work I repainted and it looks pretty nice, but it has a reproduction receiver cap on it.
-Bill G


I wish I could get a candlestick :D


I was lucky to get mine on craigslist. It was just listed as an "old phone".

Beautiful collection you have there Bill!
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Stephen Furley


What is that on the base of your 'phones, leather, felt?  That is different to ours, which had a heavy cast iron base with a hard rubber ring fitted into an annular groove in it.  The dial mounting is also different, but otherwise your WE 'phones look very similar to those that we had.


The centre one in Bill's picture looks almost identical to the GPO No. 2, which is what I think yours started out as before it was converted into a No. 150.  The receiver on this one also looks absolutely identical to the one on my 150.  The one on the far left also looks very similar.  The third dial-less one is onviously different, since it has a brass column.  I have a feeling that WE may have made some of the GPO 'phones of that era; I've certainly heard that some were imported from America.  


Can you tell us more about the 20B in your picture?  Is the base stamped with a patent date or is it unstamped?  I can't tell from the picture.