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100 year old, Untouched Stick!

Started by DavePEI, January 12, 2016, 05:10:07 PM

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On April 22, 1913, the Ladies Aid Society and the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City, OK buried a chest in the basement of the church building. 100 years later, the time capsule was ready to be opened. Here is one of the items which was found, a desk phone from Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph. Look at the cords untouched for 100 years! Also notice the 1913 Oklahoma City Directory behind the phone in their photo:
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I sure would like to see that candlestick up close.


According to Google, Pioneer Telephone & Telegraph was a telco that eventually became part of Southwestern Bell.  I did not find anything that mentions manufacturing.  It would be interesting to see more of the telephone but to me it looks like a Kellogg(?) that would be in terrific condition.

Dennis Hallworth


Agree about Kellogg,Rec not the same as the one usually assoated with Kellogg.I would assume the hard rubber? covering in the stem would look nice


Here is another photo of it from a different angle, found on the web site.



Looks like they compiled the phone from various manufacturers' parts to suit their needs, a common practice by small independents.  No subset in the time capsule?
Greg Sargeant
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That's the older style candlestick with the perch that resembles the Dean Candlesticks.  Now I really want to see it up close.  Kellogg also made a receiver like the one pictured - if only we could get our hands on it and take it apart.............


We were talking a couple weeks ago about starting a thread to help identify these older receivers - companies like Kellogg and AE made many different versions of those receivers, and when I see an odd one it's easy to guess that its a off brand, but many times it's a brand name (Kellogg) that I haven't run across before. 


Looks like a Western transmitter also