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One that got away....Almost

Started by Doug Rose, February 24, 2010, 02:14:29 PM

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Doug Rose

I found a great ad on Craig's List last year. Its where I got my WE 205 and a 4 202s with #4 dials and E1. He also has a "brass" stick, really tarnished and just filthy. He just wanted too much for it, but it had a great receiver and cord. Well to make a long story, short; I continued to see the  listing. I made an offer that was finally accepted and went back and got it. The stick was filthy, but when I started to clean it, the "brass" came of as well. It wasn't brass, but layered dirt. Underneath was a beautiful nickel Western Electric SP 20-H candlestick. These came equipped with a Solid receiver and a great rattlesnake green/red receiver cord. I was totally amazed when this guy was finished. Handset and cord look brand new and the nickel just shines. I was very fortunate as I walked away from this once. It had me completely fooled. The third picture is the phone and the ringer box. I sold the ringer box to pay for the phone.....Doug

Dennis Markham

Beautiful phone, Doug.  Great story too.  I do like that green and red cord.  Is that something that was put on those back then?  When would that phone have been released---approximately?

Doug Rose came after a #10 that was late 1890s. It has the knurled nut, so my guess is the early 1900s. Sticks are really not my specialty, maybe someone else on the Forum has a better idea.  When Ii found this, I was in the TCI and a member said it was common for them to come with a Solid receiver. Anyone else with more info??....Doug