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W.E. Telescopic candlestick

Started by FABphones, May 19, 2019, 01:18:13 PM

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I need help with this W.E. Telescopic candlestick please. I have no photos with markings other than Western Electric on the top (rear) of phone and back of headset.

Does it look correct? Sorry to ask but these really outside my knowledge, what sort of price should I be paying?

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Jim Stettler

It looks to be a desk mounted dispatch stick. There were also wall mounted sets.
It has the later style "bulldog" transmitter.
They made universal  scissors that would mount to most candlestick phones.
There were also specific brands of scissor phones.
This one looks like it is specific. It needs a subset, you might want to check with the seller to see if they have it.
Someone should be able to identify it by the  extension scissor. I recognize the style, but I don't know the brand.

edit> I see by the title it is WE. You might try searching railroad dispatch telephones , or just dispatch phones< edit
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It looks good.

Type-48 desk stands were available with a wide variety of arms for different purposes, including scissors arms with desk or wall mounts. They can be found in Western Electric general catalogs (e.g. Catalog 7 below), or in specialty railway catalogs. Several are available in the TCI Library.
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Thanks for the replies, appreciated.

I have bought it. Sent packing info to the seller and seller has already replied to assure me it will be packed well, and confirms it is a railway phone. It should arrive by the end of the week.

I will update the thread when it arrives and in the meantime take a look at the link, thanks for that.

A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
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I have that exact model.