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51AL with 2AX dial

Started by zaphod01, January 25, 2020, 11:09:00 AM

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Any interest in this before I list it? I bought this several years ago from a picker (see last image). It arrived with a curly line cord which I later determined to be dated 1955. The replacement dial plate was dated IV 55. I couldn't figure out what was up with the curly cord so I replaced it when I added reproduction cordage. The picker later listed a 534 bell box with a square hole in the top and a 4-pin socket installed. This must have been a phone which could be moved throughout the home, from bell box to bell box. I'm assuming this phone went through the rebuilding plant in 1955. You probably had to be somebody, or know someone, to get a candlestick rebuilt in 1955! Current dial plate is a rural, numbers-only plate. I will sell just the phone or include the 534. The bell box is mounted on a base with feet (my work). Receiver is a very nice brown shell with a later, darker 1370 cap.

This served as my kitchen phone for several years. Unfortunately, I used it to dial 911 when I found my late wife unresponsive. I retired it when she passed and it has been sitting in my study ever since. Time to find it a new home.

Please PM me if interested.
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