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Looking For Pictures of Correct WE 20AL, 51AL and 151AL Switch Hook Racks

Started by gands-antiques, April 09, 2020, 12:06:47 PM

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I'm putting together a couple of WE candlesticks and I have several switch hook racks and the terminal locations and stamped letter designations are different on all of them.

I would like to get some pictures of "correct" racks for 20AL, 51AL, and 151AL candlesticks.

* The picture is of several miscellaneous racks I have

Thanks a lot,


They all have 3 contact springs, right?

I would say 20AL, 20AL, and 50AL.

20AL can be used for a 51AL. (Bottom 2 screw terminals not used.)

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Thanks Poplar,

The problem is that the stamped letters are in different locations or even missing on the racks and that's why I want to find out what letters should be on the racks and where the required terminals should be for the various candlestick locations so I can figure out how to use all of the racks.



20AL:                        Rack Terminals

                           W (white receiver wire)

                           R  (red wire from subset)

                          YY (short double yellow wire to transmitter)

                Y                GN

Y and GN are blind terminals (not connected to hookswitch):
Y is for the yellow wire from the subset and the short yellow wire to transmitter
GN is for the green wire from the subset and the green receiver wire

Note that the circuit for the 20AL is as follows:

1. Green wire from GN in subset goes directly to green receiver wire.
2. Yellow wire from Y-L2 in subset goes directly to Y transmitter wire.
3. Red wire from R in subset goes to hookswitch; when receiver is off the hook, the contact springs connect this red wire to both the white receiver wire and the YY transmitter wire.

Thus, off-hook: green subset to green receiver; yellow subset to yellow transmitter; red subset to common receiver (white) and transmitter (double yellow).

"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


Thanks Dave. That helps a lot.  I really appreciate it.



51-AL has YY, R, and BB on the hookswitch terminals.

50-AL is the only one that has terminal designations on the front and back of the rack. (The dial cord connects on the back side.)

151-AL has 4 contact springs. These are your pictures (2017-02-08) of a 151-AL rack:

More later
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


Thanks a lot Dave...

I got a 51AL working right away.  I appreciate all of the great information.

I've stored a hardopy of this post in my candlestick wiring folder.

Thanks again,