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Is this phone real

Started by oldguy, October 20, 2020, 06:43:53 PM

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Do you think this lamp is made out of a real phone? ( dead link 03-02-21 )

Gary Z

It looks like the real deal to me. Altered and repainted.


Can the seller send you clearer photos of the rear of perch and the writing around the base? Also photos of inside.

And are those scratches white coming through the gold paint?
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It is probably mostly real parts, but it may not be worth the $50 given that the transmitter and receiver are the later types, the receiver cup has a hole drilled through it, the dial is not a #2, the cords are wrong, and internal parts may have been altered or removed.  The gold spray paint doesn't help the value either. 



It's probably a 151 AL with the bulldog transmitter and the newer style receiver (and a no. 4 dial).