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WE 20B

Started by shadow67, June 13, 2020, 08:44:04 PM

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I have been looking for a nickel WE candlestick for quite a while, but they are always way more expensive than I can pay. Found a nickel 20B with a black 337 transmitter so I bid. And won for once! Still more than I usually pay for a phone, but $110 is a lot better than $300 or more, which I usually see these for. After being lost in the system for over a week, it finally arrived today. It's not perfect by any means but it is mine. It is an uninsulated phone with an insulated transmitter. At first I thought it couldn't work that way, but after taking it apart it has the bare wire strap to use it on a 20B (thanks to Jeff Lamb for the diagram). I happened to have a spare nickel 329W so I put the strap on it and swapped them out to make it all nickel. It had a cracked receiver shell that looked incorrect, but by chance I had a spare of the same type so I swapped it also. It needs new cords, a correct receiver, and maybe a plating job, but I am happy with it.


Nice find, you did good.

Yes, Jeff is the man when it comes to diagrams.


Jim Stettler

Sounds like a find of the month contender to me.
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Nice find, and thanks for adding the swap out detail etc to the thread, always interesting to know the work done.

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Thanks for the compliments. The people on this forum have vastly increased my knowledge and understanding about these amazing devices.


I found an OST receiver and put some new cords on it. I am still trying to find a nickel *229* transmitter with the wire coming out of the cup...