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Leich Candlestick

Started by wds, February 07, 2011, 01:52:01 PM

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I just wanted to share another ebay find with everyone.  It was advertised as a Stromberg Carlson, because of the S/C receiver.  Turns out it's a Leich candlestick.  The rust wasn't quite as bad as it looks in the picture, but it did require a lot of cleanup.  The inside of the phone was in excellent shape, and the switch and mechanicals in the bottom were very clean and a little unusual compared to the other candlesticks I have.  The receiver arm is spring controlled, and gives a very smooth click when the receiver is removed and replaced.  $45 and a coat of paint, and now it's in my collection.

Jim Stettler

It cleaned up very well.  I don't  bid on phones that rough. You did a fine job making it pretty.
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.

Doug Rose

What a beautiful job, it looks brand new!...Doug

Kenny C

Pretty  ;D I realy like the look of this. It looks different than a Western stick. But you better not tell Ma Bell I'm looking at other phones ;)
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I try to stay away from the beat up candlesticks as well, but this one didn't seem that bad despite the rust in the pictures.  If nothing else, for that price I would get a good receiver.  I've gotten a couple nice candlesticks this way. 

Dennis Markham

It looks great, Dave.  Nice job!


It looks great.  Did you redo the nickel plating?



No, the nickel polished up like new.  Sometimes I think all those years of dirt help protect the finish.  The nickel on the top of the stem is getting thin, and you can see the brass a little in the picture.  I'm trying to find a shop close to home that I can have some parts replated, but most of them are too expensive for just a couple of small parts.