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Connecticut Candlestick from Ebay

Started by wds, September 06, 2011, 08:44:18 PM

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I picked up this Connecticut candlestick a few days ago for $20.  1904 base, curved hookswitch arm, and connecticut transmitter and two piece cup.  It also has the booster coil in the base - I don't think I've ever seen a booster coil in a WE base.  I figure the curved hookswitch arm alone was worth the $20.  Before and after pictures.  Anyone else have one like this?  


Holy cow, Dave, excellent work!

What did you have to do to that to get it in that condition?

I take it the receiver came from your misc parts box?  How closely matched is it to what would have been on that phone originally?

And I'd be really interested to know how that transmitter sounds.  Hypothesis: some of these century-old transmitters still sound better (more clear) than cellphones.

Is there any documentation around on adjusting & repairing desk stand transmitters?


The phone was extremely corroded.  I used muriatic acid to clean the corrosion off, then the nickel polished up like new.  The paint still needs a little more polishing, but it looks pretty good otherwise.  The 143 receiver was used to show the curved receiver arm, but considering the date it probably was appropriate for that phone - unless Conn. had their own receiver.  The original sticker was still in the base, dated May 22, 191?.  Interesting transmitter.  Haven't tried to hook it up yet - maybe tonight.   As far as documentation, I haven't been able to locate much of anything on the candlesticks. 


Nice work on the cleanup Dave. You should be able to find a wiring diagram somewhere that will work. Is it just the booster coil inside the phone or is there a condenser in there too? Does it just have the 3 contacts on the hookswitch that close when you pick up the receiver? It seems like I have seen some AE & SC phones that had the coil in the base.
Doug Pav

Doug Rose

Dave...outstanding refurb, you brought it back from the dead.....Doug


I forgot about a discussion we had last year about vintage intercoms, and the wiring diagrams were posted for the Conn. telephones.  The sticker from the inside of the base refers to this phone as a model 38, and wiring diagram #3 which seems to match up correctly to the book.  The pictures in the book also seem to show the phones using Kellogg receivers, not Western Electric.

I'm surprised that this book of wiring diagrams isn't in the TCI website.  I think it would be easy to convert this phone to a regular desk stand by simply bypassing the booster coil, then follow a 20al wiring diagram.