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Ebay Candlestick

Started by wds, April 18, 2011, 04:49:14 PM

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Does anyone recognize this candlestick?  I've seen one like this before, or maybe this exact one and can't tell if it's a repro, or the real thing.  Doesn't look like anything I've seen before.  Ebay item # 250804207643  


this is a non dial American electric stick made after they were bought by Automatic Electric. AE marketed non dial equiptment under the Monarch and American Electric name .
the "Bulldog" trancmitter appears to be WE


Thanks.  I didn't realize that Monarch was also an AE brand.  It's not a very attractive candlestick - almost has a modern day repro look to it.


Here is a simple explanation about the history of Monarch.
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Doug Pav


That looks like a WE "Bulldog" transmitter and receiver.  
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


Probably looks better "in person" than in the photo.

If you can score it for a reasonable price, it might be worthwhile.  What I'd do is repaint it black and then go looking for a "regular" desk stand transmitter. 

However, the "bulldog" transmitter has the advantage that it takes a capsule transmitter such as the F1, which has 302 sound quality.  Better outgoing audio than the original "solid back" transmitters. 

The British Post Office did a similar deed with their desk stand phones, such that the ones with original transmitter and "horn" are becoming quite rare. 

Personally I think the tinny audio of a solid-back transmitter is more "in-character" for desk stands.  And if anyone complains, tell 'em the phone is 90 years old and doesn't sound much worse than a modern "smart phone."  : - )


I definitely prefer the looks of a candlestick with the original transmitter, not the newer bulldog.  I've bought several phones on the cheap, and then bought the missing pieces to complete the phone, and I always end up spending more than if I had waited and just bought one that was complete.  The price of this one went a little too high for me, so I passed.  However, I did break my own rule last week and bought a 20-T for $45, with the old solid perch.  It was nickel plated, and only missing the receiver (I hope).  I'll know next week when it arrives if I got a good deal.     


I finally picked up a stick like the one in the first picture.  This one is all steel, the only part being brass is the perch.  Like the other American electic stick I posted about a couple weeks ago, this one has a cheap feel to it.  The shaft does not screw into the base, instead it's just pressed in.  Third phone in a row I think that was painted white.  I was able to remove a layer of white, and a layer of black and exposed the original paint.  Not too bad a shape, with some paint loss in a few spots.  No more white painted phones for a while!  It took two days to clean this one up.  Not sure about the nice kellogg receiver, but everything on the stick seems original.