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Western Electric #2ag dial

Started by wds, May 27, 2012, 10:39:36 PM

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I know these dials aren't common, but $1000?  Does anyone know the buyer?


Started at $9 10 days ago. Someone wanted it, 7 or 8 bidders.

Hope someone can give us some history and price justification on this dial.
Yesterday eats you up, it eats everyone up . . .


Here's some of the description that the seller had for this item, thought I would post it for future reference.

"I have seen Western Electric bulletins that indicate that the 132-G number plate was discontinued before September of 1928.

Two other eBayers report owning one of these dials. One of them wrote the following, "The story I hear is that they were used in the Dallas, TX area when Bell took over the Dallas Independent Telephone Co. The letter was the first part of the phone number (X-4211, J-3983, etc) Mine has the original dial card confirming this. Someone wrote the number of the corresponding letter over the original letter as you can see it up close."

Doug Rose

I was watching this auction closely. It seemed to go to $350 right out of the block and I thought that's where it would stay. I have never seen a dial plate like this. It is superb. Is it worth it? Certainly not to me. It sure is a wonderful dial plate, but really went high.

I remember a few years ago when an ATCA member bought a really perfect WE #1 dial from a seller for $600 that set off a real problem about contacting sellers to end an auction, etc.