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Need Some Help on a Western Electric 500, ringer will not work.

Started by ChristmasGuy, October 20, 2021, 10:00:59 PM

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IIRC, the square metal bar that holds the coil in place is attached to the magnetized frame and acts as a magnet keeper.

Yes, coils can be changed but quickly, or the keeper bar screwed back in place without the coil, to keep the frame magnetized.

The longer the keeper bar is left out of the frame, the weaker the magnetic field becomes.

As stated in the above linked topic, ringers are magnetized using a strong flux field AFTER the ringer is assembled, after the coil with its square center bar is screwed into place. Must be why they do that for without the coil keeper bar, the ferrous frame alone won't hold its magnetic field.


The small magnet on the frame can get fouled if you remove and replace wrong.
So it's much easier to replace the entire ringer, not just parts. Gongs are one thing, but mechanical parts, just leave them be. I have lived and learned that long ago.