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WE 534A Subset Will Not Ring

Started by Doug Rose, October 23, 2021, 10:16:35 AM

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Doug Rose

I have it connected to a manual 202 as found. Insulation is flaking off but phone works perfectly.

Usually I strap red or green to ground but nothing is connected to ground. I still tried but nothing.

I brought the ringer to every other post besides where the right side is connected ... Na Da!

What am I missing?....many thanks...Doug



Hi Doug
Have you done a resistance check on those coils?
Some of those wires don't look none too good.
Do you know when was the last  time that subset did work?
Also, do you have a magneto you can bridge across the bells?
How about a laptop power supply? that could give you enough to tell if the bells are trying to work?
Or, maybe the cap is bad?
Just a suggestion...or 3 :)

Doug Rose

Rod...No idea when it was last used, just got it in a lot of phones

The 202 works fine on the subset, subset just does not ring.

I was just hoping for someone to see if I missed on the wiring...thanks...Doug


Don't know about the ringer, but you have the 202 connected wrong. Move yellow from GND to L2-Y, green over one to GN,  and red over one to R. Black wire from 202 not used.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.

Doug Rose

David....that did the trick....subset rings perfectly!

Many thanks my friend....Doug