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Bringing Phones Back from the Dead - Notable Refurbs

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Doug Rose:


I have been seeing many great refurbs by our members. Phones that were left for dead. To me there is no greater pleasure in telephone collecting than finding a neglected treasure and bringing it back to life.

I was asked the other day by a collector, "what was the best refurb you think youever did?" Immediately one phone jumped to mind, my Maroon North Galion. I know you all have seen it, but I'll show it off again.

What I would like is to see is what you think is your best refurb. If your like me, you think of the before pictures, after you are done. If by chase you have a before, send it along with your treasure. This will be fun. Everyone post a phone that jumps to mind of your Greatest Refurb!!....Doug

My original post on this in 2010


That one looks real nice!
I have a 293A that turned out real nice, and I am not the world's most skilled wood worker.  I will find pictures and post them tonight when I get home from work.

That is a beautiful phone!  Nice job 8)

Dennis Markham:
I remember that phone from when you posted it originally, Doug.  What a beauty!

This is a good idea for a thread.  I have a couple that come to mind that I have brought back.  But this one was probably the worst phone I'd ever run across.  It was rusty, musty and needed a lot of work.  I had to replace some parts but overall it's the same housing, dial bezel and handset.  Not nearly as valuable as Doug's North, but it is still sitting proudly on my shelf.  I picked up the phone at the Mason, MI phone show back in 2005 (I think).  It was in a box of junk that Ray Kotke was selling.  I actually bought the box for something else that was in the box.  But this phone challenged me.


Really Glad that people take the time to see the potential in a finished project.
Here are two of mine that I think I like best.



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