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Started by bobv, January 03, 2019, 10:41:31 PM

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Calculagraph Model 33's at work on a telco long distance operator's work station.    The GTE picture may be a collectors switchboard display.  Click twice to enlarge.

Jeff Lamb

Jim Stettler

Do you know if they need the boot? Or do they drop-in with-out it?
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I'm not sure Jim.     If I had to guess, I would say yes, but only because of the friction power contacts inside.   I would imagine if an operator was having issues with one, the technician responding to the work order would want to simply pull out the offending calculagraph and drop in a replacement, set the time, and he's done.   They wouldn't lose an operators position for any length of time.
Even I could change one out and set the time in probably less than 45 seconds.



I just received a nice model 33 calculagraph. It even has the walnumt? wood case. I need a power supply 20v, 560 cycle. Preferably regulated. I see power supplies mentioned in this thread. I camso tell me where to get one? Thanks.
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