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Hell everyone!

I finally got in the switchboard I bought a few months back!

Now I need help.

First, I am not sure what I have.  I believed (and still assume) it is a magneto type board … which is what I wanted to work with my old magneto phones.

A quick look at some wiring diagrams (looking at my 1929 copy of “Principles of Electricity applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work” (it’s in rough shape with the cover falling off but all the pages are there  … if anyone has a first or second edition, I am looking for one).

I am not sure if this is a true magneto exchange or if it is a common battery exchange.

Maybe this should be my first question …. are the two systems compatible?  If I have an old local battery magneto wall phone, can I call to a common batter switchboard? 

Now I need some information from you guys.  I know it is a Northern Electric board though it came from a small town in Indiana.  The transmitter housing is marked Western Electric and the receiver is marked Stromberg Carlson.

There are two types of drops.  Numbers 1 to 15 are in a line just above the plugs.  Above it is 20 racks of 5.  These have different drop mechanisms.

Two of the lower drops (1-15) are missing.

On the upper drops, one is missing and two are plugged (I assume they don’t work.

There are 4 jacks on a plate marked DIAL.

 There are also 4 jacks on a plate marked TRK with 4 lights below these jacks … I am missing two of the red lenses of two of the lights.

There are two switches with wooden knobs that pull up and down on the flat part of the board.

There are two odd switches with a T handle on the right side of the board.

There is a black cord with a jack aside from the other red and green cords.

There are 4 jacks in the front under the lip.

There is a switch which was obviously added later hanging down in the front.

I don’t see any bell or buzzer in the unit! I see what might have been a buzzer in the back but it is not connected.

There is a 15-amp screw in fuse … but no power supply.

Several capacitors mounted in the back.

Two “cans” mounted on wood bases (one marked CORDS and the other marked TEL) … transformers?

There is a magneto in the unit with a long shaft and crank on the front.

And wires … lots and lots of wires.

Soooooooo … where do I start ?????

I am thinking I need to start tracing wires ….

I know I will need a couple of the lower drops and one of the upper.  I will also need the red lenses and probably some jacks (one or two are bent). 

Does someone in the group specialize in these old boards and has parts?

Thanks ….. Mike

PS ... it will take 3 postings to get all the pictures up

Second group of pictures

Good morning.
You DO have a magneto board there.
It is not compatible in it's generic form with modern phones.
It appears to be MOSTLY intact. That's good!
Find the place on the rear of the board where the wires come in, and post a couple pics of that, and we can look at what you need to do first.
If you can find a connection to an extension, connecting a crank phone, and turning the crank should cause the drop door to fall.

more pictures ...

and more


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