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Doug Rose:
This sure is Different, Bakelite RCA Multi Button Bakelite Phone made in England with USA Patent.

These are the initial cleanup pics. No chips in wonderful condition. Many cracks and crevices to clean out the dirt.

Anyone have an idea of what handset would go on this?

Standard multi button has a small crack in the front, but otherwise in nice shape.

This was such a deal!!...Doug

The most likely candidate would be a 164 style handset - - but that is just my best guess.

Doug Rose:
Not exactly the same handset, but it seems it is too thin for the cradle.

Pics it looks Black, but with the handset in the cradle it looks a Reddish Brown

Doug Rose:
An Ericsson, like the WE F1 seems to be the best fit. This has a huge plunger.

Second picture shows the RCA is more of a Reddish Brown than a Black...Doug

Doug Rose:
I found a picture of the correct handset. I do have one, just have to find it....Doug


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