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I got into a bidding war and paid a little more on this than I wanted. When I got it, it was beautiful, all original and  matching all the way. I emailed him about  if there were and cracks, he said no. I got the phone, it wasn't packed the greatest, and it has about a 3/4 inch crack on the left front foot.

He's been real cool about it and will even refund the entire amount including original cost, shipping, and return shipping. He has a buyer ready to buy it crack and all.

I'm thinking of using Dennis' repair advice on the troubleshooting topic, but is this worth it based on the price and value of this phone? Thanks guys, I love the phone, but don't know how badly the crack diminishes the value

By the way, in the picture the line from the 8 to the nine under the dial is a pretty significant scratch, but may buff out ok. Thanks

FYI:  The CRPF "Bad Packing" awards Hall of Shame Library

Dennis Markham:
Dan, what a shame.  Another example of a vintage phone damaged because of poor packing.  You paid a lot for that phone to be cracked.  How much it will diminish the value is anyone's guess.  But if I were shopping for one and then you said it has a crack in it...I wouldn't pay $100 for it.  If you can keep it and get a 50% return then I'd consider that.  I know it's tough to part with them when they're nice.  But if you like it and think you can repair the crack and live with it then keep it.  There, that was a lot of help wasn't it?

I agree with Dennis on this. Crappy packing, don't even get me started!!! >:(

Thanks. I am going to send it back. It's really a shame.It was basically packed in an insulated with styrofoam four sided box with a little bubble wrap around the handset. I'm sure it really jostled around a lot in the box.


--- Quote from: BDM on March 01, 2009, 06:26:10 PM ---I agree with Dennis on this. Crappy packing, don't even get me started!!! >:(

--- End quote ---
Have you been a victim of crappy packaging? My best packed phone was a light blue 500 for $4 , 7.95 shipping and double wrapped , double boxed, newspaper, foam peanuts wonderful!
Then I get this beauty with a broken corner....


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