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Not found a mention of this yet, so I thought I'd add it, it's an old British TV Programme, made for Channel 4, and the three series of it show the various machines we use every day (at least, what we used back then), and one of them was on the telephone, and these links are to the show uploaded to Youtube:

The Telephone - Part 1
The Telephone - Part 2
The Telephone - Part 3

Worth watching for seeing all the nice old equipment, and some home-made experiments...  ;D

I love this program.  It used to be played over here, and the telephone episode is one of my favorites (naturally).

For those who enjoyed the telephone episode, all the rest can be downloaded for free, here:


Funnily enough, it was my friend in Texas that told me about it, even though it's a British show made for what was then britain's newest terrestrial TV channel (up until Channel 5 started), though in the states I think it was shown on the Discovery channel, I think.... ???

I have all three series on my computer and mobile phone, cos it's nice to be able to watch something on the go, I like them all, they may be out of date these days, but that appeals to my love of vintage things... :)

I love those shows! Thanks for the download links!

Tim Hunkin (creator of the series) has a Youtube channel that's quite entertaining.

Stephen Furley:
That's one of my favourites, The Statesman, ringing at the beginning, in probably it's most common colour, though not my favourite one.  There are still a fair number of these around; we've got some 26 year old DTMF and 17 year old LD models still in use, and they're far more reliable than much later ones.  They'll probably all be gone within the next year as we are likely to be all IP by then.

The Telephone Technology Showcase, basically a BT museum in London, mentioned in the credits is long gone.

He didn't mention what is for me probably the most important advantage of digital systems; the fact that you no longer need a pair of wires for every telephone; these days thousands of calls can be transmitted over the same wires, or these days more likely fibres.  A handful of fibres starts to look very attractive when compared to a few thousand copper pairs.


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