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Punch Down Tool

Started by princessphone, February 16, 2015, 01:29:36 PM

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Looking to purchase simple decent Punchdown Tool. Went to a few hardware stores and found prices a bit outrages, specially here in Canada. Searched EBay, much better prices and great selection. Almost all are of the variable impact variety. My question is, can the impact function be disabled on these tools? I have a 630A blade (which is a 110 blade with a quarter turn to fit into tight spots). I'm afraid that the sudden side force of the "impact" will damage the clips. Klein makes a simple screwdriver style where an interchangeable blade can simply be locked into the shaft, however the price is nuts. Can these variable punchdown tools be locked to disable the impact function? Thanks, John   


The 630 tool is NOT the same as a 110 blade. It does not have a cutter-blade and definitely is not designed to "impact" the terminal.
Otherwise the terminal will be damaged. When using in an impact tool, only enough pressure is used to seat the wire between the terminal blades; not enough the "trigger" the impact function of the tool.
Such little force is needed that quiet often, a plastic seating tool is included with the purchase of these wallplates.
Since Western Electric manufactured 630 wallplates are now getting to be of a rather old vintage, the plastic retaining the terminals is starting to become brittle, so care must be taken when terminating wires.


I have a Klein that has a lock for the impact mechanism. Works great. It came with some screwdriver bits and a holder. I paid about $45 US, which seems reasonable. Any cheaper and I would be concerned about quality and cutter durability. It only comes with a 66 and 110 block attachment.


Thanks again G-man. All that information is good to know.

Thanks podor. Is that Klein tool a VDV001-081?   Thanks, John


VDV427-807. The one you mentioned doesn't appear to have the impact lock. I use it for 66 type blocks.


Hi podor,
Your are correct. I saw your VDV427-807 on the internet. There's also a VDV427-806 which is very similar to yours. Thanks again. John