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Automatic Electric Test Set?

Started by rbouch, January 17, 2015, 06:51:53 PM

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Hi Folks,

Just back from the shops  - can anyone tell what this test set is all about?

Came cheap, we couldn't resist...


Looks like a Current Flow Test Set ;)
Also looks to be in great condition. Nice find!
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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excuse my ignorance,
but what would it be used for?
I get that it would be used to test current flow, but through a phone?

is this like an old multimeter?


I believe the terminology used on the panel gives away its principal use.
Words like "operate" and "non-operate" tell me this test set was used in central offices to test relays. To be functional relays in switching equipment had to perform just perfectly for specific current ranges, not too much and not too little.
This set could measure these in situ.
General measurements of currents in circuits could also be performed of course.

You should try to find an AE Technical Bulletin for this. Perhaps the circuit diagram lists the number of the publication?


I am far from an expert on SxS CO. Some of the relays were being operated directly by the dial in the subscribers phone which was potentially mies away on light gauge phone lines. The CO switches had to operate on very little current flow so checking that they were doing this properly was quite important to ensure proper service to the subscribers. I recall using a CMC "Quick Check" test unit in our CO's. This unit appears to be the AE equivalent.



great information, thanks!

now I have to figure out a way for me to use it to something, should be fun.


I love the fan shape of these Weston meters.  Weston was the premier electrical meter manufacturer for many decades and they invented the Weston voltaic cell as an international standard of voltage reference.
These meters can also be found on many Western Electric test sets. I just checked my 1957 Graybar catalog and it contains the Weston model 273 meter as a piece part.  That's about the period I would place your test set into.

Would love to see a high resolution image of the circuit diagram to investigate further.


I havea nice 3.2 mb image of the schematic - just not sure how to get it over to you.....


Quote from: rbouch on January 18, 2015, 06:18:50 PM
I havea nice 3.2 mb image of the schematic - just not sure how to get it over to you.....
Thanks! You should be able to attach to a post here, 3.2 MB should work fine. I have uploaded files of 20M.  I am sure some others would like to look at the diagram.


Here we go...