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proper tool to instal Western Electric crimp spade lugs

Started by Rokumoncat, April 28, 2015, 07:40:21 AM

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Hi All,

I have need to install a number of spade lugs on telephone cords. I observe how neat and tight the Western Electric crimp connections are, and wonder what tool was used to make those crimps. Every hand tool crimper that I have ever used mashes the crimp onto the wire rather than curling and folding the crimp tabs into the insulation and conductors like the WECO product. I have a number of both line and handset cords that need lugs as well as a very nice green Call Director cord that needs a few lugs replaced.

Any recommendations?

Thank you very much!




When crimping the Radio Shack style of crimper when used correctly, does a perfect job of wrapping the terminal around the wire. If used improperly, it will only mash it...

See the following thread:

Quoting Bill in that thread:

Quote"Crimp small spades using the 22-26 gauge die in the small part of the crimper.  The larger spades use the 20-22 gauge die.

Insert the tip so that the open end of the base of the tip faces the bottom of the U-shaped die.  It should stay in the die all by itself.  While it is in the die, thread the wire through from the back side.  While holding it in place, apply pressure and crimp it real tight."

I have crimped many hundreds of spades, and find it totally reliable, doing it just the way Bill suggests.

I suspect that people who are having difficulty doing this have the spade's inserted facing away from the u shaped portion of the crimper.
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Joe   ...   What most of us use, are self piercing open barrel spade connectors.      For antique telephone restoration, there are 3 primary sizes; 1 for cloth covered conductors and 1 for plastic covered conductors, and the smallest is for the 24 / 26 gauge plastic covered line cords.        They can be ordered / purchased from either OldPhoneWorks, web site link :  or Phoneco, web site link :
Open barrel connector crimper tools are available from a number of web sites.     I believe both of the above web sites sell the tool, but you'll probably find it on many other web locations for a fraction of the cost.   

I hope this information helps you out.

Jeff Lamb


And another

with links to crimper sources, hopefully still good and available.

Scroll down to the 6th one shown and then click on the "click for details" hyperlink in the description of that crimper on their page to see the sizes of the dies on that crimper.