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New custom tool for my workshop: second prototype

Started by allnumbedup, May 19, 2022, 01:23:23 PM

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I used for the first time today this new tool I fashioned for my phone restoration hobby. It took me more looking than you might think to find the toothed metal parts that were just right.  At a fleamarket, I found an old set of blades made for drilling circlular holes in wood. Unlike modern blades, this old style had the teeth lined up in a row. I planished the pieces even more on an anvil and shaped them with two different curves to fit between two pieces of wood. I covered the working surface with vinyl board. Better than the first prototype, but clear plexiglass would be better than wood if I try for a third design.
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I do not see how that is intended to be used, what is the tool for?  (When you have told it, I may probably be mad to myselves that did not see that ;)  )


For the making of 'classic' type I dial card reproductions--to make the perforations they had to make finger wheel cards reverse compatible with receiver masks on candlesticks and wall phones. I learned about it here:

candlestick card

Hoping someone would ask. :) JC
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that is genius. Necessity = Mother of Invention.