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E-1 handset pin wrench set replacements

Started by DavePEI, November 21, 2011, 07:57:30 PM

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See Bill's E-1 handset pin wrench set replacements at:

In the past, I have made do with a strap wrench to adjust E1 handset transmitters. Recently, I received another E1 handset on a phone, and have resisted the temptation to re-adjust the handset for a right handed person, as it came with the cup set for a person holding the handset in the left hand. To change it over, the collar needs to be loosened, and the transmitter cup rotated about 1/3 turn counter-clockwise. This can be a scary operation at the very least, as that collar can break very easily.

In the old days, a pair of wrenches specially designed for the job would have been used. These have a pair of pins which insert into holes in the bakelite of the collar. The problem, a set of E1 wrenches are very expensive on the used market. Reproduction wrenches are sold by a popular phone seller for nearly $100 but most people make do with strap wrenches.

Bill's wrenches serve the same purpose, unscrewing the often stuck parts as they were designed to be. Caution will still need to be taken, as it will still be possible to break the hard-to-find collars, but the wrenches will give a much more solid grip on the bakelite.

For half the cost of the popular Old Phone Works reproductions, at $50 including shipping to the US, they are a great replacement. I have ordered a set, and am looking forward to their arrival!

See Bill's ad for more information at the link above.

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