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Strowger Bank Cleaning Tape

Started by DavePEI, May 31, 2012, 10:26:43 AM

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Hi All:

Recently, I went looking for Strowger bank cleaning tape, used with bank cleaners such as the one I got with my Etelco tools, and one other I had already. As you can imagine, it was very hard to find, since most Strowger equipment was taken out of service years ago. (drawing of one type of bank cleaning tool below).

This is also great for cleaning switchboard plugs, by wrapping it around the plug, and pulling it back and forth on the surface, removing corrosion.

Well, I did find a supplier to my surprise who still maintains a good stock of bank cleaning tape or shoelace, as it is nicknamed, in both packs of 5 x 1 m. Lengths and in Bulk, and in natural, and tape impregnated with cleaner. Regular can be used by spraying first with contact cleaner.

Natural (pack of 5 x 1 m. Length) is $6.47 USD
Impregnated (pack of 5 x 1 m. Length) is $13.33 USD

Shipping from UK, appx $16.00 for 1 to 3 packs

They accept both large and small orders and all major credit cards.

Mine arrived this morning, and looks perfect.

Go ahead, clean those banks and plugs, make my day!


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