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Pay phones of the Future

Started by jnphones, March 19, 2013, 07:17:52 PM

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interesting article, wonder if the idea will really take off... after all, EVERYONE has a cell phone of some sort...


Although there are a few interesting designs (I like that "Beacon" one), I think the payphone, or whatever it would turn into, is pretty much at the end of it's life, a lot of payphones over here have all kinds of additional functions like Texting, email and even internet access, but, they're rarely used, and often vandalised so they don't work properly, and of course are quite expensive compared to using a mobile phone, so they tend to just sit there gathering dust and losing money for the owners...

Even touchscreen public information kiosks that I've seen over the years have bitten the dust, mostly through lack of use and vandalism, because with the use of a smartphone or tablet, you can access the same info on your own device without having to hunt for said kiosks and only to find they're broken (or covered in spit and other unpleasant substances, which you just don't want to touch!!), so, I think that although the designs from the article are interesting, they'd probably never see any service if the were put into production... :-\