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HTTP S (new eBay restriction)

Started by Stan S, October 19, 2017, 02:16:07 PM

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Stan S

If you haven't yet noticed, Ebay has once again changed their rules. Every auction that links to another website such as a photo hosting site (like Photobucket), must be HTTPS compliant. The 'S' stands for secure.

If an auction is using a non-compliant site the text of the auction will not automatically be displayed when the auction opens. You will have to click on a box that says 'See full item description' to see the text of the auction. This was probably done to limit Ebay's legal responsibility.

Some browsers are now displaying a warning that an auction is 'not secure' if non compliant sites are part of it . If you sell on Ebay and only use their photo hosting (that is part of the standard auction template) this is not an issue.

Stan S.