"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Auction Talk / Weird Mystery Ebay Listing
Last post by LarryInMichigan - Today at 11:19:54 AM
ebay link

What do you suppose that the lister of this trying to accomplish?

Operators chest receiver mouth piece
Wooden Phones / Re: What is Missing on this wo...
Last post by Witty - Today at 10:59:30 AM
I don't know if anyone ever answered you or not about this, but I ran across a sale of another wood unit exactly like this one from top to bottom. It appears there's some kind of round hard rubber type piece screwed into the top.
Here is a pic showing it with the screw head shown.
Hope this helps.

Can you guess what you are looking at?
Quote from: david@london on Today at 06:56:28 AMA leather-covered Contempra

Correct. Well done David, you win the round.  :)
Collector's Corner / Re: French Eurieult Type 10
Last post by countryman - Today at 08:26:44 AM
I just had a nice conversation with Bernard Chenot from (Musée du Téléphone de Narbonne in France). He was able to lift the "Ivorine" secret for me: The name describes a compound made from gutta-percha, marble powder and sometimes cement. It was also used for other phone bases, like the Berthon Ader 1892: (scroll down a little in the link).
Thanks to Bernard!
A leather-covered Contempra?
Quote from: dsk on August 23, 2019, 10:49:10 AMThank you I found an old PC, and did that, the last version software made it possible to upgrade to 64 bit too,

Dear Dsk, or indeed anyone else that may be able to help,

I've an old X-link BTTN on a very old firmware (0114) version and I'm wondering if you still have the XWizard 32bit setup file downloaded somewhere on your PC that's able to upgrade the XLink?

X-link support haven't been very forthcoming in sending me this old version that would upgrade it to 64 bit compatible.. I guess they'd prefer I bought a new one! From what I gather, software v0213 was the last 32bit version made and is able to do the 64bit upgrade. But if anyone has a newer setup file to the one I have (0114) that you could upload, I would be very grateful to receive it!

Many thanks.
Off Topic / Re: Pesky Equipment EOL tool- ...
Last post by RDPipes - Today at 06:26:20 AM
Quote from: tubaman on Today at 06:10:57 AMI can see the humour in a picture of such a thing, but when someone actually makes one then that's different altogether.

I realize we all hope that people know better (have more sense) then to really use such things and sadly sometimes they surprise us. Having the knowledge sometimes blinds us figuring everyone knows such facts as we see as simple and just common sense. Like hearing of the guy during the gas shortage years ago using a vacuum cleaner (wet vac I presume) to transfer gas from his boat to car. I don't know if that was true or not but, it sure caused some head shaking.
Off Topic / Re: Pesky Equipment EOL tool- ...
Last post by tubaman - Today at 06:10:57 AM
Quote from: RDPipes on Today at 06:05:31 AMI didn't make this one nor do I know of its real existence but,
while I was a CET this got around and many thought it was quite funny and wish a few of our bosses would use one.
Of course it was all in fun and none of us wanted our bosses to die...........not for real anyway.
CJ, you got to see a little humor in it, I hope you don't see us as that crude and evil? But, of course we're men
and we do tend to have a different view of some things, LOL!

I can see the humour in a picture of such a thing, but when someone actually makes one then that's different altogether.