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Is this AE dial originally from a payphone?

Started by cloyd, December 01, 2016, 03:20:08 PM

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Bought this phone online and received a few surprises (not the good kind) with it.  I am wondering what anyone can tell me about the dial.  In the second photo, is that a date?  The 0 might be a Q.  New holes were even drilled into the shell to accept the wrong dial.  Ugh.

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That dial was a newer AE that had a fingerstop that was attached to the base with one screw.This screw was ground off and milled out so an older fingerstop would be installled so the dial would   fit in a 3 inch hole.We did this at COT for a supply of dials for cheeper telephones.This was not one of ours though.

Greg G.

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