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Antique store find - Automatic Electric, possible Type 32A ??

Started by AliceWonder, March 19, 2023, 06:14:34 PM

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Went to local antique store and found this - for $46 - I grabbed it even though I still have to restore the WE 354 I got there earlier (which I paid more for, and isn't nearly as nice).

I know nothing about Automatic Electric but I *think* this is a Type 42A? Pictures at bottom.

The dial seems to work very well. I think the dial card is original, but the plastic covering needs to be replaced. The handset cable has no kinks - but there is one place with a bit of electrical tape on it.

What I think is the on-hook plunger (a single plunger??) appears to be stuck.

The phone cord I suspect is from the original installer - it has three spades so likely was used for a party line?

I want to only clean it, keeping the vintage look - not make it shiny new. But of course I want it to work.

I might consider putting a 505A type four prong plug on it, not sure if Automatic Electric used an equivalent, but I would prefer to keep the cord it has yet not hard-wire it.

I'm not doing anything with it though until I get the long-overdue other phone I have (WE 354) in working order.

I didn't go looking to buy another phone, but when I saw the cord with spades on it and the dial works smoothly I suspected it was a good impulse purchase.


          Sweet find , your phone is a AE 32A14 . The phone uses 2 wire line in cord. It was made for private automatic exchange, (PAX). It will work  on the old telephone lines . Go to wiring diagrams , click on Automatic Electric wiring diagrams, and scroll down to AE 32A14 handset telephone with induction- coil and it will show wiring diagram. On the bottom of the phone  , the arrow pointing to the screw will open your phone,  the other 2 are for removing the ringer .
 Hope this helps.
Kenneth Stubblefield

Doug Rose

Congrats on your beautiful phone, it was a wonderful find....Doug



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Is the cradle and hookswitch the same on this as on the 1A?
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Quote from: poplar1 on March 28, 2023, 09:00:52 PMIs the cradle and hookswitch the same on this as on the 1A?

It appears that the AE 32A14 utilizes about the simplest hookswitch of all: 2-conductors, according to the wiring diagram. I have many, MANY AE type 1A hook switches, but most of mine are either 4 or 5 conductor, but I am sure that I have some 2-conductor as well.
Ray Kotke
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