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WE 20-B 3 station intercom

Started by Witty, October 31, 2022, 02:41:44 PM

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I wanted to share this candlestick I got awhile back. I had to clean heavy oxidation on the surface and polish the nickel plating. The receiver cord is very brittle with most of the outer cover worn off. The transmitter cord is also worn where exposed, but still in excellent condition with the green cover internally. Sadly, it is not long enough to cut and replace the pin connector. I'm keeping an eye out for either replacement or repro cords.
The base felt is deteriorated and I plan to make a new one to match. Overall the phone is in very good condition in and out. 
Most exciting is the translucent mouthpiece is a Ray Kotke creation! He has verified this is one of the very first castings he made when he started castings about 20 years ago. It's an exact copy of the WE mouthpiece with the star in the center.
Thank you Ray!



Mouthpiece and base cover.

Doug Rose



Beautiful.  I notice the receiver cap is also marked "122".  those are pretty hard to find.

Doug Rose

Quote from: wds on October 31, 2022, 04:11:51 PMBeautiful.  I notice the receiver cap is also marked "122".  those are pretty hard to find.
Dave...Good info on the "122" I did not know this. Is the "122" only on the outside terminal caps or is it on all early caps. What is the history on the "122"?

Got to start checking mine....Doug


The caps for 143 and 144 receivers are backward compatible with 122 receivers. So a lot of the 122 receivers have the newer 143/144 style caps. (The 122 cap should not be used on a 143 or 144, however.)

The original caps for 122 receivers had fewer threads. That is how you can tell the difference in an original 122 cap and a newer 143 replacement on an outside terminal receiver.

Also, I don't know  if all 122 type caps are "marked" 122 on the outside rim! (A lot of 143 caps are marked "1370" inside.)
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Doug Rose

As always, great info David. I had no idea on the "122".....Doug


 Congratulations Ken, Very cool phone.


Thanks! It turned out better than I expected.

Gary, thanks. It's one of my favorites.

Dave and David, thanks for the info. I didn't think the 122 W mark would be that unusual.
The transmitter faceplate tag only says Western Electric Company. Is that correct? The back of it inside looks like a 229 transmitter.
I've added a picture.





Congrats! Very nice stick. I really the mouthpiece Ray created.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Thanks for the link Shadow. Good information.

Ron, thanks! It sits in my home office on my desk.

Thanks Harry! I really like the mouthpiece also. Ray said he still had a couple that were blemished in the making so they weren't released.