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List of similar threaded mouthpieces?

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I am attempting to find a list of which mouthpieces are equivalent. The most common (different) threads are WE (7/8 inch) , Kellogg (15/16 inch)  and Stromberg-Carlson (1 inch).  Which (if any) of these would be compatible with North Elec., Monarch, Dean, Leich, American Electric, Williams, and any others you know of. Thanks.

I keep a cheat sheet for mouthpieces sizes and threads.  Unfortunately some brands use multiple sizes, especially on the older phones.(pre 1905?)  For instance, I have 2 or 3 different American Electric thread sizes.  Also, the AE mouthpiece is very close in size to the WE - you can use a AE mouthpiece in a WE, but not vise versa.  Here's what I have on my cheat sheet - I have more, but they're not written down.  I'll see if I can dig them up and add to the list later on.

WE      7/8 fine
Leich, Monarch, S.C.    1" course
Dean 7/8 course
Chicago 13/16 course
Kellogg 15/16 course
AE 13/16 fine
Connecticut 15/16 fine

Western Electric seems to fit Couch

Jim Stettler:
I have a list. I am not having Much luck posting it.
I will try later.

Jim Stettler:
I compiled my list over 20 years ago. I combined every list I could find. I did not edit any spellings or conflicting info.
The thread descriptions I have are:
AE Smaller than WE w/ coarser threads
IT inside thread threaded on the inside
KE 15/16 medium threads
SC 1" coarse threads
WE 7/8" Fine threads

There are 67 different line items on the list including the spelling variations and conflicting info..



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