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Examples of reproduction/fake candlesticks and parts

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I have started this thread to inform collectors about how to spot reproduction or "fake" candlesticks.  Potential buyers should first do their homework at this site:

Please keep in mind that most sellers on eBay are unaware that they have a fake candlestick for sale


Here is a classic Korean fake:

If you read the fine print it is listed as a reproduction.  I always find that putting such information in the title helps prevent any confusion.

Antique type dial candlestick telephone -WORKING! ready to plug in and call !

The 2nd stick down, the black ae 21.  Why is that one a fake?

Thank you!

Very informational for those of us who haven't worked with sticks or just beginning to look at them. I could spot a lot of fakes but this adds a whole new level of what to look for, or watch out for when checking out a stick.


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