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Testing one of my sticks with two subsets.

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On this one, the cord leads are correct, even though there is no dial.

Greg G.:

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The cord pictured connected to the 684A appears to be correct

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Funny you should point that out.  I've had this thing so long I must have connected it to something at one time, then packed it away w/o any notes.  I have a thread here somewhere, now that I think about it, when I found that subset a year ago.  The antique store owner, old guy in his 70s, didn't know what it was, thought it was some sort of misc electronic doo-dad, so he put it in with the radios.

Greg G.:
I decided to replace the original cord with a repro 4-conductor I had due to the original not having spade ends and just bare fragile wire. Turns out the original is also 4 conductor, just that somebody in the past cut the extra conductor off that goes to the subset. So I'm assuming that the 4-conductor repro will be ok to use, just tape off the extra conductor on the subset end. The phone end appeared to have used all 4.

The colors are only slightly different. Old cord has blue/grey, yellow, green, red. New cord has black, yellow, green, red. The red on the old cord was the one they snipped off at the subset end.

I know electrically speaking, the color doesn't matter, but I want to be consistent with the color codes that were used.  I'm assuming the black on the new would go where the blue/grey lead went.

Move the blue-gray lead (former black) from RR to BK on the dial. Connect other end to BK terminal in the subset where the black condenser wire is.

Also, move the yellow line cord lead to B/Y where the blue hookswitch wire is.

Can you show a picture of the hookswitch connections? Since there is a blue lead in the mounting cord, this may be a 51C or 151C instead of a 151AL?


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