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The June 2020 TCI Lancaster Show has been cancelled.

Started by paul-f, April 13, 2020, 12:30:30 PM

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The June 2020 TCI Lancaster Show has been cancelled.

Due to COVID-19, we must cancel the show. There are simply too many concerns about the safety and health of our members and too many unknowns about when the Stay at Home policies will be lifted. As much as we all would love to get together, the spread of COVID-19 and the current "social distancing" restrictions make this large show impractical at this time.

The show committee and the Board of Directors have been monitoring the situation and have agreed on the following action plan:

  •  We will issue full refunds (registration and table fees) to everyone that paid in advance
  •  We will close down the electronic show registration system
  •  We will update the TCI web site to indicate that the show has been cancelled
  •  We will update the Singing Wires newsletter to inform the membership
  •  We will update the TCI listserv email signature line to indicate the show cancellation
  •  We will contact by email or telephone each person that registered to make sure everyone gets the word
  •  Dave Spafford, our show registration lead, will return any telephone calls from anyone having questions
  •  We will notify the Farm and Home Center that the show has been cancelled
  •  We will select and lock in the June 2021 dates in Lancaster (we'll let you know as soon as this is decided)
  •  We will monitor the public health advisories in order to evaluate if rescheduling Lancaster later this year is feasible
From our show registration system, we know the members that paid via PayPal.

Russ Kirk, TCI treasurer, will process PayPal refunds. You should expect to see an email from PayPal indicating that you have money in by the end of April 2020.

We also know the members that paid by personal check. Kirk will mail out TCI checks. You should expect to see your refund check in by the end of April, 2020.

For members that registered but did not pay in advance, no action is required.

If anyone made hotel, airline, or other travel related reservations, please cancel those as well. Most travel related businesses are granting full refunds for cancellations even if that is not the normal policy.

Please help us spread the word to anybody you may know who planned to attend.

If you have some found time during the crisis, we encourage you to stay engaged with phone collecting through the listserv and social media. Catch up on some phone projects, read back issues of Singing Wires and Switcher's Quarterly, check out the TCI Library, or research something in your collection and write an article or two to share your results.

We hope this is not too much of a surprise and look forward to seeing you at the next, safe telephone show.

Most important — Stay safe and healthy.

TCI Show Committee and Board of Directors
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