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In Service Pay Phone Found
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:34:20 PM »
I teach at Southwestern Michigan Collage and had a class at a campus I had never been to. To my surprise there was a pay phone mounted on the wall in a common area. I have never seen this model.There was nothing on the phone to indicate who owned it. I asked one of the office ladies about it and she said it was put in for student use. Students who were out of minutes or didn't have a call phone could use it.  It cost 25 cents per call and the pay phone took quarters only. I got a dial tone when I lifted the handset and I dialed a 10 digit number but didn't have a quarter. Next time I'll have a fist full of quarters to make calls.

The pay phone is of quality construction and appears fairly new. I'll find out more about it. I suspect it may be owned and maintained by the College. The front is hinged on the left and there is one of those round security looks on the left.
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