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Jaguar Licensed Phone

Started by TelePlay, January 29, 2017, 08:14:10 PM

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I'm not one for novelty phones but this one is cool, really sharp. I've never seen one like it but there must be many of them (with what they want for a Jag these days, the buyer should get two of these for free with each car . . .  IMHO, of course).

Description says:  "Jaguar Car Mascot Figural Phone Land Line -- Pushbutton Dial with Eyes That Light Up When it Rings -- In good working condition"

The green eyes light up when ringing!   8)

Borderline price for me at $75 BIN including shipping. $40 less and I'd own it right now.

Can't go that high but you Jag lovers lovers out there, first come, . . .

If any forum member buys this, sent me a thanks in a PM.



Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


I think there is a sports team that uses the jaguar(the animal, of course) as its mascot.  Do you think the fans of said team would be interested in this phone?


Re-listed a few times, changed the price a bit, waited and it finally sold today.


Someone's cornered the market on these today. Seems there were two for sale and both sold today. Want to bet the buyer owns at least one Jaguar?


Personally I'd rather have one of the Motorola StarTAC phones that Jag had licensed for their cars, but then, I'd rather just have a regular StarTAC, cos they're a bit more affordable...  ;D