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Avocado green and beige swirl handset.

Started by ....., April 05, 2018, 09:25:07 AM

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I had this handset given to me and it arrived in the mail this morning.
It's a 1974 Northern Electric in a avocado green and beige swirl.
The person I got it from received it in 74 from a friend who worked at the Northern Electric plant in London, Ontario at the time.
He said he actually used it on his phone for a few years.  :)


Fantastic!  Too bad you didn't get an entire desk set!
Ray Kotke
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Quote from: kleenax on April 05, 2018, 09:26:36 AM
Fantastic!  Too bad you didn't get an entire desk set!

One could only wish. Maybe I could find a place that does the dipping and have a 500 body done to match. I'm not sure what it is called, but the do it to car parts.


They call it Hydro Dipping. Getting a 500 shell done would be pretty cheap and easy! That's something I have not thought of, maybe a way to spruce up some old black 500's!
Harry Smith
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We used to get this effect routinely at GM when we purged the injection molding machines.
Very unusual, and each one unique.


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Did they do these swirls on purpose, or was it some kind of problem with the moulding machine?
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AFAIK, the swirled colors happened when the production color was changed.  The first products out of the machine would be a mixture of the previous and new colors, just like Dum Dums mystery flavors: link.


Jim Stettler

SC made swirled stylelines (trimline). The official colors  were brown, green, red and yellow. These were swirled w/ white. I have seen variations in the "tint" of the base colors.

I have also seen red/yellow and green/yellow swirled  FE TAP 791's I think these sets were  official. (also have seen 1 red/white swirled).

Pretty much all the other swirled telephones  were unofficial.
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