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Belgian 'Toilet' Phone - Bell telephone mfg co, Antwerp

Started by FABphones, June 02, 2018, 07:50:00 AM

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I can't quite decide about this one. Up on eBay, auction number 202328668951.

I don't like it - but I can be a fickle creature so that may change.

It looks like the person who designed it really needed the toilet and it was all they could think about.
They even put 2 'toilet rolls' on the top of the cistern.

...or the designer was really miffed at the company and decided to leave them a erm, cheerio then, momento.

...or maybe their career was going down the pan. Boom boom!  ;D

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Yea, I have one, and they sure do get a lot of comments from visitors!  But I agree; EVERYBODY immediately calls it a "Toilet Phone"!
Ray Kotke
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(Thanks so much pourme, we were both copying, saving and typing at the same time..oops, you're gone again...still....thanks)!

Intriguing title, I coukdnt imagine what sort of phone you were talking about! At this point my first thought is that I am glad this is a current topic and not one that is several months old that I just stumbled on as a few months from now the eBay # or eBay links will go dead and we would no longer be able to satisfy our curiosity by clicking t9 get pictures.

For the record, here is a current eBay link:

And here are pictures for those of you reading this in a few months:


Thanks for adding those AE, depends which device I'm on, I can't always add photos.

A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble



For comparison, here's a "modern" toilet phone with optional upgrade...

Also available in colors:
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line