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Auction 351: WE 1955 Mahogany 500 C/D - Ended 10-30-18

Started by TelePlay, October 25, 2018, 08:44:52 PM

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Quote from: FABphones on October 30, 2018, 06:25:04 PM
Looks like someone retracted a bid?

Just noticed this phone was relisted by the same seller (and same images) so whatever happened at the end of the contest (bid dropped from $255 to $251) must have resulted in a no payment from the highest bidder, or something.

The auction started at $125 and the phone is sitting at $127 with 2 bidders (neither the same as the first auction bidder list) and 7 hours to go.



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Partyline4 shows the original ended on the 30th of OCT, and he relisted on Nov 1st...Seems strange. High feedback bidders don't usually cause a problem. Maybe he is looking to get a particular amount for the phone.


Re the relist, I suspect the underbidder didn't want it for the price they bid up to as the price was pushed up by the winning bidder who decided (I'm guessing), they didn't want it. The seller probably decided to relist rather than accept the much lower bid.

Bids at the moment on the new listing remain in the region of the much lower bid on the first listing.

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Doug Rose

My guess is the high bidder did not want it and it sold it to the second bidder as a second chance offer....Doug


Yes - a relist right after an auction ends is likely to scare off serious buyers - Shill suspicions....Also they might get the hint that it was overpriced to begin with....Very unfortunate for Sam the Seller.


Sold for $137.50 to h***o ( 2143 ), this winner did not bid on the phone the first time around. That's a bit more than half of what was bid the first time around.

And, no, there are not two winners for this contest (and if there were, it would be the same winner anyway).


The following info was in the second auction, but not the first:

          It has a small (approx 0.75 inch) crack in the lower left-hand corner near the foot with no material missing.
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That is wild. Condition was an issue I suspected would mess with this one....