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Socotel Phone Germany

Started by Doug Rose, April 02, 2019, 12:07:46 PM

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Doug Rose

My Canadian friend, Daniel Bernier came up with this beauty!....Doug


These are  French is this mixed colors?


Quote from: Doug Rose on April 02, 2019, 12:07:46 PM
My Canadian friend, Daniel Bernier came up with this beauty!....Doug

That S63 phone has been for sale for months and months. Unsure if mixed colours I have never asked about it, but none of the French collectors have gone for it. The seller keeps relisting it, it's not expensive, did he buy it?
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Doug Rose

He did. I find the swirl different then most I have seen...Doug


Now that's interesting! A whole new kind of swirl, very cool.

Jim Stettler

The "story" on swirl sets, is that the swirl is from changing colors of plastic, many examples don't hold up to that reason.
On this set I think it is an example of changing from Ivory to Red.
They put it on a gray chassis to make it more interesting and used the gray caps to tie the colors together.
One of the hard things to do with a swirled housing, is to find parts that look good together.
This is a set that I wouldn't mind owning.
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