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Federal TA-45G-BT Dial Disassembly for cleaning

Started by TelePlay, June 14, 2022, 07:13:27 PM

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I bought this Federal TA-45G-BT dial on eBay with the intent to see how easy or hard it would be to disassemble the dial for cleaning and proper lubrication during re-assembly.

eBay Listing.jpg

This is what I was expecting to get, this file image is of a fully working Federal TA-45G-BT dial.

00 TA-45G-BT Working Dial.jpg

This is what the seller had listed, what I received in the mail

01 TA-45G-BT Dial As Purchased.jpg

The following shows how easily this dial can be taken apart for cleaning:

A) 1 finger wheel screw;
B) 2 finger stop screws;
C) 2 leaf switch pile up screws;
D) 2 gear train assembly screws; and
E) 1 bearing point set screw

This dial came apart easier than any other dial I have disassembled for cleaning be it WE, AE or SC.

The following is dial disassembly. After cleaning, reassembly is in the reverse order as shown here.


Page 1


Page 2


Page 3


I really doubt anyone will ever get a phone with this dial on it and the dial needs to be cleaned, or speed adjusted.

If so, the above will be helpful,

If not, I had fun exploring a dial I had never worked on before.


Cool. Thanks John. It just happens I was looking for a dial this weekend and I found I have one of these. It does not need any work since I can tell by the wrapping I sent it to Steve Hilsz when I got it. Now if I can just remeber why I got it!
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