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Wanted: Kellogg Switch Hook and mount

Started by Gary Z, August 11, 2022, 04:35:16 PM

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Gary Z

Looking for a Kellogg Switch hook assembly and mount.

Also looking for a switchboard plug. I have the cord and sleeve but would take it all if needed. The pin had snapped off.

Gary Z

Still in search of this Kellogg switch hook assembly AND this type of switchboard plug. Thanks!


Hey Gary just curious about these Kellog phones
whats wrong with your switchhook?

Gary Z

Hi Stephen,
The contact section has snapped off of the main base and the switch hook is missing the correct screw to the mount. I can get by with just the mount. Attached is the clearer picture that shows the break. I did try some JB wield but there are some pieces missing.
Thanks for asking!,


Is the mount cast iron or machined?
You might see if a local machinist can fabricate the mount for you.


The switch hook probably does not exert a lot of pressure on it. You might give J B Weld a try. Do you know how it broke? That is a awfully strange place for a break. The switchboard plugs come up on eBay now & then or you can find a cord to take the plug off. I had some plugs at one time but I think I sold them all. I will poke around in my parts & stuff over the weekend and see, maybe one left?
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Gary Z

You are correct that the switch hook doesn't exert a lot of pressure. I will give the JB wield another try. This phone was part of a traveling display and this is the way I got it from the original owners family.