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Yellow Stromberg-Carlson 2500 from 1974

Started by 3463319, October 02, 2022, 10:52:11 AM

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This is my Stromberg-Carlson yellow 2500 that I recently acquired on eBay.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it, as I was not aware that Stromberg-Carlson ever made yellow 2500 sets.  They must have made them for just a short while before they changed to harvest gold (of which I have a few).  This one is in good condition, true to its original color, with none of the brownish discoloration that we see so often.

Stromberg-Carlsons are my favorite 2500 sets.  I grew up in non-Bell territory, so as a kid, the phones that I saw out in the world every day were ITT and Stromberg-Carlson.  Our local telephone company (Carolina Telephone) used mostly ITT, with just a few Strombergs sprinkled in.  The Strombergs looked so much better to me, because the faceplates for most colors slightly contrast with the body color, just like Western Electrics.  To me, that looks sharper than ITT's 2500s, which have the faceplates the exact same color as the body.

Also, Stromberg's buttons seem better than ITT's.  They look better and are easier to press.  With one quick glace, I can tell whether a keypad is ITT or Stromberg-Carlson; they have slightly different looks.  For both, my favorites are the early models, with the full word "operator" written in a semi-circle around the zero.


Very nice looking phone! Stromberg seems to have usually stuck much more closely to the Bell standard design than ITT did