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Western Electric 4H dial contact sequence adjustment

Started by Jf510, November 26, 2022, 03:55:19 PM

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Hi..I recently bought 4 Western Electric 4H dials. I have two WE 102B1 phones so I was going to put the dials on the two phones. Two of the dials works great and two pop when the finger wheel goes to rest. The contact sequence looks the same to me on the good & bad dials but I am missing something. I have a dial sequence instruction for the 5 dial but with the W on the opposite side it's throwing me. Does anyone have some advice or instructions for the 4H dial? I would like to get them all working. Thanks.

Doug Rose

My advice is send them to Steve Hilsz $6 per dial plus shipping....Doug

Steve's email


Thanks for the info but I would rather get some instructions and learn to fix myself.


Using a DVM and slowly letting a dial return to rest should be able to tell you if the mute leaves are opening too soon, are not the last to open. And it could be used to compare a working dial to a popping dial.

If not that, then it could be in the wiring and that would be a more difficult thing to track down.

Then it could be something else, difference in dial pile ups and connections (the W issue).

There are long time (and collecting forever) expert members on the site who should be able to help you with this, being a holiday weekend, they may not log on until early next week.


The location of the W terminal does not change the sequence. The two contact springs closest to the terminal strip (Y-BK-BB-W) are for the receiver. You can visually see that they open before the two springs above those make.

However, I wonder which subset you are using. We had a recent discussion about problems with "popping" in the receiver when a sidetone subset such as 534A is used. The problem was resolved by adding a second capacitor in the subset.
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Hi..yes we sure did talk about the popping of the 534s. It does have that capacitor that you had suggested. I disconnected the ringer and it popped then I switched to a 634 and it still popped then I used another 4H dial and nice and quiet. I had bought 2 WE 102's with 4H dials and two extra 4H dials. Two of the dials work great and two pops. I took the 102s apart to clean and not sure what 4H came with the phone anyway I would hate to not be able to use the two that pop in the future. I will take a better look at the sequence. Thanks.


Strange that swapping out a dial causes the issue, assuming all else (desk set and subset) stay unchanged. That would have to mean the dial is the problem.

I think you are saying 4H dial does not pop. Change out dial for a different 4H dial and get a pop. Go back to the first 4H dial and pop goes away. Is that right? If so, curious.


 Yes..with the two 102s, two worked great and 2 popped. Maybe the two extra 4H I found in a big box were bad. I have one 102 wired to a 534 ( added that ringer capacitor) and the other to a 634 and both work great. I did prior mix match with each box and dial and definitely 2 4H dials pop. It seems one of the 4H is a little noisy too but maybe it was something I did. The contacts open and closed on the pop ones just like the good ones so I am missing something.