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Gray Telephone Photos

Started by paul-f, September 03, 2010, 11:24:28 AM

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WOW! what a collection! now, I don't feel so alone with my gray 564!


I own a couple of Gray coloured phones.

1956 Northern Electric 500

1957 Stromberg Carlson Hands Free


 :) A color that is out there, but not really noticed! My WE 564 in gray is on my porch and the summer sun has restored it to its true color! bought a 15 ft. receiver cord for it and it matches perfectly!


Seeing all these gorgeous gray phones made me want one really bad! I just got this one, which luckily is grayer than it appears in the photo. The handset and cord are slightly discolored but not too bad.




Your telephone was used in Durham NC , downtown exchange.Never saw a grey one here. Red was rare here also.


Thanks, that's cool to know!


 John, that 564 looks real nice. Ive looked for ever for an affordable multiline set.. But it didn't happen.
And the rest of you have some impressive Grey sets, congrats to you all.

Russ Kirk

This is my NOS grey AE 83 Space Maker
- Russ Kirk


There are a couple of other light grey 1500's on this thread, but I wanted to share my find that came together from four different ebay purchases over a month. I just finished this project:
1.   First purchase was what I thought was going to be a light grey 2500. It was one of four TT phones in a lot but the seller was willing to separate out the grey one that had a repaired face plate and a TT labeled "bad dial." When I got it , I was surprised to find it had a date matched 1965 handset, elements, and shell in good shape on top of 1969 base, network and ringer ($18 including shipping)
2.   Next, I picked up a beige 1500 with a 1965 black base, 1965 plastics and handset elements, and an early  25A3 1964-65 TT pad. Sold as "not working' with a faceplate that would fall out. ($69 free shipping)
3.   A super fat 6 wire handset cord missing restraints (One of 66 cords for $37)
4.   NOS six wire station cord from the 1980s ($7)
I was able to get the 1500 innards working. I added restraints to the handset cord. Painted the edges for the missing faceplate behind the clip black and filled in the missing back section with epoxy.  The phone needed only light sanding and buffing. I kept the original dial card with the metal clip.  I flipped the 2500 and the 1500 beige shell and came out even on the whole deal.  I have photographed the original and fat cords side by side here then tucked the original cord into the shell for posterity. This is going to be my one grey phone and my one 10 button combined into one phone.
Analog Phones for a Digital World


Nicely done. Very sharp looking.

Scott K.

Jim Stettler

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Oooh, that's a gorgeous phone!

Jim Stettler

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


I have never seen so many grey phones at once!  Nice!